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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Few Blunders while designing website part2

Contd from : Few Blunders while designing website

5. Use of widgets:  Its usually cool to share different widgets in website. Its cool also as most of the apps provide html code it just have to be copied in ur site. But before that please explore how the data being extracted and sometime due to these site take more time to load and it distract ur users.

6. Use of animation: Animations, gif images are cool but it also took huge time to load if not optimized properly. better to avoid it if it is not that important.

7. Marquee: Its of no use please avoid it. But it is understood few clients are desperate in getting such effect.

8. Search/Language/Font/Colour Scheme: Search feature to help the visitor to easily navigate through the content. If possible also provide bread crumbs so that navigation becomes useful. Google provide customized search feature use it if you are not ready for this exercise by yourself.

Reader may be from different language background and it would be injustice if translation feature is not available. If you targeting your local base you may ignore

Font adjustment to give comfort to the user to customize the font as per his need.

Color Scheme for the color blind users

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