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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Congratulations! Your design has been approved. Please vote

Hi Tamojyoti


Your design "Respect our territory" submitted at has been approved & is now up for the voting process.

If your design attracts the highest number of votes, it will be put up for purchase on the website winning you Prize money, an Inkfruit T-shirt & a Certificate

You are one step away from being labeled a proud owner of Inkfruit's brand new design

Tip : You can now maximize the votes by sharing the link of your design with your friends

Link :

Good luck !

Designer Support | Inkfruit!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is my creativity is safe on web?

One fine morning i was wandering if there was any tool to trach whether a particular image is copied/duplicated and reused in the other website. Some times the clients are very serious on this topic that the graphics used in his/her portal shouldn't be replicated(ofcourse if he has paid money for those photographs/images). For content there is tool like(copyscape) and we can google also not an issue. We followed those methods only while payoff to contentwriters but what for graphic designers. Thank God to to new Google Image search which has the feature to upload your image and get it searched for its existence in the web media. Another good tool i got is Tineye which is excellent tool for working and proofchecking of images

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Greenry , originally uploaded by Tamojyoti

Thursday, July 14, 2011


marigold, originally uploaded by Tamojyoti


Cresenthemum, originally uploaded by Tamojyoti

Red Flower

Red Flower, originally uploaded by Tamojyoti

The mist over the flower in the morning of Winter

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WordPress 3.2, you know what to do

Last week we released WordPress 3.2, a version focused on making WP faster and lighter with a refreshed dashboard, new Twenty Eleven theme, a zen writing mode, and more:

We waited to email because there were some issues  with the JSON module on some web hosts, which the just-released version 3.2.1 fixes. Download from or click the update button in your dashboard to get the latest.

What else is new? We're doing a census of the WordPress World, if you have 5 minutes take this survey:

We're going to tally up the results and present them in my State of the Word talk next month in San Francisco, so send it to everyone you know who uses WordPress so we get the most representative sample.

There are also some fun WordCamps approaching in San Diego, Portsmouth, Boston, Chicago, Fayetteville, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles:

Hope to see you at one soon!

Stay cool,

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