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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Few Blunders while designing website

Will share some of the very basic loop holes which distract users a lot. Will jot down few points just came to mind while browsing through few sites.

1. Ignoring Centralized Layout:
I dont understand why few great designs dont follow the very basic thing. I have observed sites which are mostly left aligned.

2. Hovering effect:
While giving hovering effect sometimes developer increase the font size on hover effect as a result dancing effect occurs(if the cursor is placed in the border of hover). Moreover sometime the links are also become inaccessible due to hover effect.
This effect a lot in traffic for the portal also

3. On mouse over and out function:
Javascript lovers while giving nested menu option use the onmouseover and onmouseout function but if the layers are not place sometime it has been observed that the submenus become inaccessible

4. Cross Browser testing:
Please respect the taste of the user the end user may be using browser or OS. I know its pain in *** for developers for make it compatible in some browser but what to do? Atleast the site should be compatible in few browsers.

more to come.....