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Friday, October 22, 2010

What I am?

What I do? I do things that identify no national or international borders; my work takes me round the world without visa, passport and even any rail or flight ticket. Guess cudnt. Don’t think I am criminal. Ok my works don’t distinguish between religion, caste, creed, sex and color. I m not a philanthropist. I am a natural human being. Ok I love nature and my every step is to reduce paper utilization. I work some thing which helps to share knowledge and information beyond boundaries. Ok I write some thing I earn my livelihood by writing some thing. Its not natural writing that you enjoy such as novels or books it contains only logics. Ok lets not elaborate I write code which help to run web portals and reach millions of millions with the help of internet. Basically I am a web developer who develops, design and maintain Web Sites.

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