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Monday, August 24, 2009

NER(North Eastern Region Trek) 2005

On December 8th an urgent Message was received by our CTO from the Commanding Officer, 12 Orissa Battalion National Cadet Corps(NCC), Col. Anjani Kumar that I was called immediately at Bn for an All India Trek organised by NCC at NER, Shillong. When I arrived at Bn, CO sir already went away I was called by Subedar Major(SM) Dayakant Pandey (Rajputana Regiment) and given a couple of forms to be filled up by tomorrow and to submit them and ordered the on duty Store NCO to issue me the special kit for trek (specially for rainy terrain).

On 9th December I again went to the Bn with all the filled forms duly signed me and CTO and few more things were issued such as Combat dress, Mosquito net, Multipurpose Flask, anklet, rain coat, specially made woolen jackets for cold temperature(because in one of the stage camp the temperature was about 1 degree centigrade ) etc. I returned hostel with all these things and packed my baggages for next day.

On 10th Evening I reported finally with my all baggages. At Bn I met friends from other platoons and troops of our Bn. Total 9 cadets were selected from 12 Orissa Bn. Our attendance were taken and small briefing was given by our SM. He told us about the activities in a trek camp. We are told to stay for that night at Bn.

On 11th Early morning C.O. gave us the briefing of the area (Shillong and NER). Special precautions to be taken there. Amongst 9 members a boy from Dhenkanal College I forgot his name was chosen as Platoon Commander and I was told to act as 2nd in Command. We were given the movement orders from the Bn, Finance aid from the Bn and the contact numbers of all the MCOs at Rly Stations. We gave the numbers to our fellow friends. Then Subedar Azhar Mahmood (JAKLI) took us to Cuttack where we are to report to our Group Commander Col. Sudam Naik at Group Headquarter, 1st Orissa NCC group, stationed at Cuttack. There we met all the fellow members from different BNs 7th Orissa Bn at Bhadrak, 1st Orissa Bn at Cuttack etc. where we met our Camp ANO. Camp ANO gave briefing and selected SUO(Senior Under Officer) Manas Mohanty of 7th Orissa to be the Comander of the Orissa Dte. He is very humble and deciplined. He told us that he is a part of NCC Commando Corps and had done slithering during RDC. At last in the evening Grp Commander gave us the briefing at evening and wished that we have healthy trek. After that the gate of the Grp Hqr closed and our movements were restricted and we were told to take rest because our train was at midnight. Here our strength became 25 and we were told we would meet 15 cadets from Behrampur Grp at Train. The train was Bangalore- Guwahati. We board the train and occupy our seats.

Next day afternoon we reached Guwahati and we were received by 1st Assam NCC BN, Stationed at Paltan bazar,Guwahati. They arranged our further journey to Shillong by a bus from Paltan Bazaar. We reached Shillong Police Bazar at evening where two trucks of Assam Regiment was standing with few officials of Assam Rifles for our reception. Our luggages went into a truck with few cadets and all others were taken to Assam Rifles HQ at Laitkor Shillong. We take out our luggages and then a whitsle blown for formation. the whitsle was blown for few rules to be followed here at the base station. He told us our stay would for the night and the next day and night. The day after tomorrow we would be flagged for trek to move to our 1st stage. He gave the precaution for here climate, food and prevailing situation. This one day stay is for aclimatisation. Those who fell ill will be routed back or would be stayed at base. Our barracks were allocated. We were alloted at the hostel of Assam Rifles Public School. We were lined to enter our barracks and he told us to be there at mess by 8:45 PM.

The next day i.e., 14th morning we were introduced to the camp commanders and officers of Assam Rifles and Air Force Staffs of Eastern Command.

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